The Weekender 17/03/2018

Welcome along as summer recedes.


Continuing Super Rugby from last weekend, the Hurricanes beat the Crusaders 29-19, while Aucklanders had a memorable weekend with the Blues surprise away winners over the Lions 38-35. The Rebels have had a great start to the season (after picking up some Western Force personnel) with a run of perfect wins, last weekend beating the ACT Brumbies 33-10.
This weekend the first game was the Chiefs beating the Bulls 41-28 here in Hamilton, but they did have to battle back from 7-21 down after the Chiefs underestimated how good the Jon Mitchel coached Bulls were on attack.
In Sevens, Fiji has beaten Kenya 31-12 to win the Canada Sevens.

Backing up the Blues win, the Warriors beat the Rabbitohs 32-20 in Perth for the first time both of Auckland's teams have won away from home for six years.

Veteran para skier Adam Hall has won a bronze medal at the Paralympic Winter Games.

The White Ferns have broken records when they beat the West Indies by 106 runs in Mount Maunganui.

NZ News

New National leader Simon Bridges has reshuffled his line up, which is mostly a boring topic, but the interesting part is that Labour was incredibly vocal about including equal numbers of women, but when it came down to it, Labour hasn't done very much and for National, three of the top five and eight of the top 20 are women.

Back in the first term of the National government, Labour and the Greens criticised the government for excessive use of Air Force transport for a few flights, but coalition and NZ First MP Defence Minister Ron Mark has already created a long list of Air Force taxi services apparently just to ferry Ron Mark between events and his hometown. Apparently, it was happening so regularly that the locals were beginning to ask questions.

But that wasn't the worst news for the government this week. Stories came to light about sexual assault allegations at a Labour Party summer school camp. Labour stuck to their guns and responded with fairly blanket lawyery-speak, which would placate anyone, except those who are or have been parents of teenagers. The students attacked were only 16 and Labour opened themselves up to allegations of a cover-up when they didn't go to the police, the kid's parents, or even the Prime Minister - perhaps they don't really trust her, so she was blindsided by the initial questions. They are going to review their policy and have cancelled all future events, and although they didn't provide alcohol, it was allowed and obviously used to the point there were reports of people throwing up in toilets and bushes. It wasn't just a single event either with similar stories appearing over the week from other events. Labour has definitely taken a hit on this one and refuses to acknowledge they really did anything wrong as they are standing firm on not firing anyone.

The Numbers Game

12: people killed in a horror five days on NZ roads
30: mm of rain in six hours on Tauranga as ex-Cyclone Hola came through, providing great surfing conditions
19,000: km travelled by a message in a bottle thrown in at Whangarei by a woman and her son and was picked up in Spain
30,000: $ found in a safe dumped for inorganic collection
2m: $ seizure of meth at the NZ border by Police and Customs
23m: $ grant for a promising NZ-made anti-cancer drug CP-505

Finance NZ Dollar

GBP 0.5189 (-0.0072)
EUR 0.5880 (-0.0030)
USD 0.7234 (-0.0041)
AUD 0.9325 (0.0015)

The Weekender NZer of the week

John Britten
Maverick Genius of Motorcycle Design
John Britten was a revolutionary motorcycle designer whose home-brewed machine won international plaudits for its stunning design and performance. The 300+ km/h blur of speed, the smell of burning rubber and the distinctive roar of the Britten V1000 motorcycle linger over the tarmac of kiwi myth and the world of motorcycle design. From his backyard in Christchurch John Britten melded the edges of design and engineering, the acclamation testifying to a visionary talent: “man against the manufacturers”, design genius, engineer, artist, thinker, entrepreneur, “the last of the great privateers”, inventor, “Renaissance man” – as well as architect, builder, glider pilot and glass sculptor.

Joke of the Weekender

What did the pirate say when he turned 80 years old?
Aye matey.


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