The Weekender 30/05/2020

Hi Everyone, we are away this weekend, so I've done a quick update on Thursday & scheduled it to send. We are also away next weekend so catch you the week after that.


The NRL starts up again this weekend, while some sort of local rugby competition continues to be discussed.

NZ News

The news of the week was a story of two trampers who were found after being lost for 19 days in "hostile" thick bush near Nelson. They were hungry and exhausted but had planned on fishing to supplement their food source and were well prepared and equipped. There had been a huge search & rescue operation over the last ten days with over 50 people involved. They were found when a search helicopter spotted smoke from a fire they had lit.

New Zealand First leader and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters had been talking like there is a rift in the government this week. He started off by throwing doubt on Labour's prime Auckland light-rail project, just after transport minister claimed it would continue, and he claimed that NZ would continue with Level 2 for four weeks, despite it being safe to drop to Level 1 and even saying that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had said we should be dropping to Level 1. According to Act leader David Seymour, Peters' comments have broken the ministerial book of rules since he candidly talked about significant discussions.
But maybe he is just trying to do a magic trick and make people look away from the report this week that the NZF Foundation spent $130,000 on paying expenses, wages and bills for people closely associated with Winston Peters.

The Numbers Game

1: $ for the CEO Sinead Boucher to buy Stuff
4: more weeks of Level 2 expected by the government
5: days with no new Covid-19 cases and currently no patients in hospital, one death has been reclassified as Covid-19, which puts us at 22 deaths
5.8: magnitude earthquake northwest of Levin, followed by another 5.4 a day later - and all in an area not known for faults
22: border exemptions for sewage system engineers, chair lift experts and Avatar film crew
30: % of the TAB workforce are losing their jobs
87: jobs to be lost from Invercargill licensing trust
100: redundancies from the Transmission Gully project - and 100 workers stuck overseas, while they all try to figure out how to restart the project
130: jobs being cut by MediaWorks
490: $/week for people who lost their jobs in the pandemic crisis - a new $570m scheme announced by the government
100,000: $ scammer and gambler Macaulay Oliver Marchant has avoided jail in his dodgy roofing scam with 11 clients in Auckland, Christchurch and beyond

The Weekender NZer of the week

William Atack
Here is one story that comes up frequently in our household - William Harrington Atack, of Canterbury, was the first sports referee in the world to use a whistle to stop a game.
Today the referee’s whistle is a ubiquitous feature in sport. It now seems logical and obvious, but it was a New Zealander who first thought of it in June 1884.  

Joke of the Weekender

I invented a new word: Plagiarism!


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