The Weekender 27/06/2020

Welcome to summer. Well, not yet but we are on the way with the shortest day of the year during the week.


NZ and Australia have won the bid to host the 2023 Women's Football World Cup.

Last weekend the Blues held the Chiefs try-less to win 24-12 and we got a bit wet watching it as well.

The biggest news of the week was that the NZ Warriors sacked Stephen Kearney as coach. It's pretty unbelievable they would be so callous after all he has done getting the team to Australia and holding the team together while they are away from friends and family. Last weekend they lost 4-12 to the Rabbitohs and this weekend they lost 50-6 to the Melbourne Storm. A number of players are pretty upset at Kearney being sacked and are ready to call it quits and head home.

In netball, the Mainland Tactix beat the Waikato/BOP Magic 45-36.

NZ News

Well so much for our fantastic level 4 lockdown. The government has completely blown it. There was one more case of Covid-19 yesterday, and two more today taking NZ to 16 active cases. The problem is that 71 people have been released from managed isolation - who have refused to be tested for Covid-19. You mean that isn't a mandatory requirement of everyone coming into the country? The government sending everyone coming into the country into isolation but maybe they hadn't planned it or done any calculations because they quickly ran out of space in Auckland hotels. So without even warning travellers where they were going (or letting them go to the loo or grab some water) they filled up a packed bus and drove them straight to Rotorua for a two-week lockdown.
The government obviously needed a scapegoat because this week our underperforming and rule-breaking Health Minister David Clark threw Director general and face of the crisis, Ashley Bloomfield, under the bus. Just about everyone got upset about that since Clark was the one who couldn't even be bothered fronting for the media during the crisis and broke all his own rules.

The "most transparent government ever" has been accused of sneakily shifting the goalposts of their fees-free policy for tertiary study. The scheme was yet another of the government's cornerstone election campaign policies that didn't work.
The other big government backdown of the week is the Auckland light rail project which has been officially cancelled. The transport minister has also been caught out claiming AA members overwhelmingly supported the project when the actual survey results said something else.

There was a parliament stuff up this week as the MP's voted to allow prisoners serving a sentence of fewer than three years to vote. The muck up was that prisoners will be notified of their right to vote - even if they can't vote!
News also came out that the government ignored Treasury's advice "that a board-based, cash-in-hand grant scheme for businesses would help prevent widespread Covid-induced business failures". Instead, they have offered wage subsidies and cheap loans. Treasury also advised that cutting Kordia's transmission fees wouldn't do much and wouldn't help print media. But the government went ahead with the $21.1m option.

The Numbers Game

-10: degC at Mt Cook during the week
6: minutes of sunshine for Wellington last week
6.0: magnitude earthquake hit Milford Sound
8: km off the coast was where Raglan Coastguard found two well-prepared kayakers blown out to sea
38: % for National, up 9 points in the latest 1 News Colmar Brunton survey, Labour drop 9% to 50%, and NZ First plummet to 1.8%
65: mm of rain for Auckland Airport, the prediction is still a dry winter but Auckland is certainly getting a boost with all the rain over the last few days
100: jobs to be cut by St John to save $30m
228: charges against the Mongols MC gang across the Bay of Plenty
700: lightning strikes recorded west of New Zealand as the storms approached
572,000: $ spent by Parliament's Speaker Trevor Mallard to install a slide and playground on Parliament's front lawn
650,000: $ of assets restrained for money laundering from the Comanchero gang
15.1m: $ for some Auckland Council land sold in a "fire sale" when the CV was $28.8m
140m: $ of Russian 'computer genius' Alexander Vinnik have been frozen by the Police as it was controlled by an NZ company - he is accused of money laundering

Finance NZ Dollar

GBP 0.5208 (0.0019)
EUR 0.5728 (-0.0004)
USD 0.6425 (0.0018)
AUD 0.9363 (-0.0012)

The Weekender NZer of the week

Burt Munro
New Zealand’s Fastest Man: Salt Flats Speedster
Burt Munro, known as the fastest man from New Zealand, became internationally known for the records he broke at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah in the 1960s. In eleven record attempting trips to the National Speed Week, the Kiwi broke three world records on his Indian motorcycle – one of which still stands today. The “World’s Fastest Indian” from the edge of the world believed in boundless opportunities and in the importance of never giving up his dreams regardless of challenges along the way.

Joke of the Weekender

How many times can you subtract 10 from 100?
Once. The next time you would be subtracting 10 from 90.


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